Hi! I’m Rebekah, the blogger behind this little web nook. I’ve dabbled in blogging for years and keep coming back to the themes that form the heart of this blog – early childhood and homeschooling (and, more specifically, lifeschooling or unschooling) – so here I am, ready to share our journey with you.

My family lives in a small beach town in the Carolinas where the majority of the residents are retirees and we, with our four young children and daytime outings, are frequently mistaken for tourists. 

{before boy #4 came along, PC: Allison Tucker Photography}

When my husband and I aren’t trying to keep up with our herd, I mean, our four wild and sweet boys, we enjoy dancing together, watching NCIS, and playing cribbage (seriously, don’t we sound like we fit right in with our local demographic).  I also enjoy writing, reading, digital scrapbooking, indulging my sweet tooth (usually with chocolate ice cream, sweet tea, or a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies), and overusing commas, parentheses, and ellipses. 

I promise my life isn’t any more put together than yours . . . in fact, I can absolutely guarantee that it’s messy, loud, and oh so far from perfect. And there are probably dirty dishes in the sink. 

Come on in and visit for a while!