A planner is a very personal thing. Everyone has their own specific wants and needs for how to keep their life organized. There are homeschool planners and everyday planners and planners that merge the two. Digital. Paper. Bullet journals. So many options!

Unfortunately, trial-and-error is really the best way to find out what works for you. But if you know there are specific features you do or don’t want in your planner, that can help narrow down your choices.

For instance, I like paper better than digital, and no time blocks. I also know that I can’t keep up with multiple organizational tools, so I needed the ability to combine my blogging schedule with my kids’ learning and my menu plans.

Much like house hunting, if you can make a short list of the non-negotiables, it will help you easily weed out the options that aren’t a good fit, so that you can focus your attention on comparing the few that cover the basic things you know you need in a planner.

I’ve reviewed several homeschool planners here at No Desk Required and hope to continue adding to that list, so you can more easily search for just the right one.


  • What Does My Planner Need to Do? —coming soon
  • A Peek Into My Planner —coming soon