B is for Birthday

B is for Birthday

Do you like receiving birthday cards? Real, handwritten notes that come through the mail? I know I do. Sure, text messages are awesome and those annual Facebook posts do make me smile, but there’s not a lot that beats the joy of opening up the mailbox to find a card.

For one thing, it means that someone had to think of me before my actual birthday. The love in that part alone is pretty amazing! Then they had to choose a card, jot down a message, stamp and address the envelope, and put it in the mailbox. That’s a lot of steps to say “I care about you.”

If you want to start sending more mail, I suggest starting with birthday cards. They’re a fantastic way to ease into the world of letter writing for a couple of reasons. First, because you’re writing for a specific occasion, you already know what to write about and second, birthday greetings are usually sent with a card instead of a long letter, so you can keep your message “short and sweet.”

You can keep track of birthdays with an app or on paper. Like my addresses, I keep important birthdays on index cards. They’re in the front of my address file and each month has its own card (or two). 

If you prefer paper to digital trackers, you can download this free printable birthday tracker. It can be added to a 3-ring binder or tucked into a desk drawer with your writing supplies. Print it out, add some birthdays, then start spreading the birthday joy! Two different designs are included in the download.

b is for birthday tracker free printable

B is for birthday . . . cards!
Make your own or grab some at the store.
Amazon has a huge selection of birthday cards for kids.
b is for birthday cards for kids

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