Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas

Whether you’re planning to put together completely candy-free Easter baskets, or just want to go with fewer sweets, these are some of my favorite non-candy Easter basket gifts for toddlers and preschool-aged children.

Books – If they don’t have their own children’s Bible yet, this would be a great “big gift” for your kids’ Easter baskets. Or include a spring-themed book or activity book.

Music – We love the Praise Baby collection, Seeds Music, and a lot of the music compilations from Twin Sisters. Play silks and ribbon wands are a fun gift to include with music, to encourage dancing.

Clothes – New sandals, a hat, or a warm-weather shirt. My boys have always been partial to vests and jackets, but suspenders might also be a fun choice. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of springtime rain, your little one might enjoy a fun raincoat or pair of galoshes.

Gardening Supplies – This is a great time to start seeds, indoors or out, depending on your gardening zone, and you can invite your kids to help you. Give them their own seed packets, peat pots, small gardening gloves, shovel, or watering can.

Picnic Items – Mealtime outside is so much fun in the spring. You can get your little ones prepped for picnics by using a picnic basket for their Easter goodies. Include “regular” Easter goodies or fill it with picnic necessities, such as a water bottle, reusable utensils, and a picnic blanket.

Outside Toys – The weather is getting warmer and outside playtime is growing longer and more frequent! Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and jump ropes are all great ideas for younger children. If you have a sandbox, new shovels and buckets would be good options.

Art Supplies – Anything that encourages creativity and artistry is a great choice for little ones – crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, sketch books, play dough, stickers, paint smocks, etc. Sunprint paper is also a fun item for Easter baskets.

Healthy Snacks – Food doesn’t necessarily have to be sweet to be a treat. Think about individually sized packages of pretzels, raisins, or applesauce – or offer up a less common fruit, such as coconut, blood oranges, starfruit, or papaya.

Cleaning Supplies – I know, it sounds awful. But little ones love to help clean! So let them help you get started on your spring cleaning with their own little dusting mitt or child-sized broom.

Musical Instruments – What better way to encourage praise than giving little ones their own instruments! Something simple like a tambourine or an egg shaker is a good choice, and not terribly annoying.


What do you put in your children’s Easter baskets?

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