30 Days of Thanks Again

30 Days of Thanks Again

At some point last year I started taking note of the tangible love in my home. The pitcher we received as a wedding gift that has held dozens of bouquets over the last decade. The laundry room my husband and a friend built for me. Cloth napkins we were gifted and have used at countless meals. The light fixture my dad and my husband hung up to replace one I thought was ugly. Multiple, soft, cozy throw blankets I wrap up in almost every night. The list goes on.

And that’s just what’s currently inside my house and can be physically touched. It doesn’t count the conversations, the hospitality, the doula care, etc. that I’ve been blessed with time and time again.

So I’ve challenged myself to notice these things, the ones I can put my hands on, and the ones that are wrapped up in my memories. I want to notice and remember, and then say, “thanks again,” to the people who blessed me.

I had been planning on doing this in November, during the typical “season of thanks,” but yesterday my 7-year-old brought up a memory that prompted me to consider starting it sooner.  And I’m so glad he did! The current situation we’re all in together (yet, very, very separately) has turned out to be a more perfect time for this project than Thanksgiving.

Will you join me?

It’s a simple thing. All you have to do is say “thank you.” Again.

Thank someone for a gift they gave you several years ago that you still use frequently. Tell them how much you truly appreciated the help they gave you on a project, or for their hospitality. Let them know how often you make that recipe they passed on to you. We all have someone we can thank.

Although receiving snail mail is a definite day brightener, if you’re concerned about sending physical mail to someone right now, e-mails or e-cards would certainly be fine. The point is express gratitude and to connect with people, especially during this time of isolation.

My 6-year-old is excited to get started on “A whole month of Thank You Days!” ala Daniel Tiger. My personal goal is a note every day for a month, but there really aren’t any rules, so you can participate however it works best for you. Will you join us?

Let’s make April a month of thanks . . . again.



P.S. Did you know that April is National Card and Letter Writing Month? What a perfect “celebration” to coincide with our 30-day thankfulness project.

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks Again

  1. What a great idea! Such a simple way of brightening someone’s day and keeping our hearts focused on the good things in a stressful time!

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