Kids’ Apron Sets

Kids’ Apron Sets

My kids love to help in the kitchen, so my oldest two used to have aprons – a handmade gift when they were preschoolers. Sadly, those aprons were in the one box that got lost in our last move. It’s hard to compete with nostalgia, so I put off looking for new aprons for a while.

Then one afternoon I saw an advertisement for kids’ aprons from a new company. They looked like a good product at a good price (designed by a mom who wanted a quality apron for her own children), so I added an apron to my wish list “for later,” and promptly forgot about it. Oops!

Fast forward a couple of months and I saw an e-mail that Kirsten, the mom-owner of Dapper & Doll, was looking for people to review the newest apron in a classic, red striped fabric. Since a) I was already interested in these aprons, and b) red is my 3-year-old’s favorite color, I wrote back right away. What you’re seeing in this review is the apron she sent us for this post – feel free to check out my disclosure policy for more info on product compensation and my honest opinion. 

This apron is proudly owned by my 3-year-old, but my older boys (ages 6 and 7) were both excited to try it on and asked when they can have their own, too. Here’s a quick video of my preschooler receiving his package and opening it up. Just look at that smile!

All About the Product

The description states that the kids’ aprons are made of polyester, but this striped one is actually 100% cotton. My guess is that the solid colors are polyester, and probably thicker. This is a fairly light material.

We’ve had our apron for about two weeks and it’s held up through several baking/cooking sessions and one run through the wash. I looked over the stitching on both the apron and hat after they were machine washed and dried, and everything looks secure.

As you can see, the aprons are made with an adjustable neck strap to accommodate children of various heights. It’s very easy to adjust and stays put well. My kids absolutely love that it has a big pocket on the front. They immediately grabbed utensils to try it out. (The ones in this photo aren’t reaching the bottom of the pocket.)

kids' aprons from dapper and doll woman owned company

Then there’s the hat. Honestly, I wasn’t certain my kids would care about the hat, but they love it!

The back of the hat has an elastic band so that it fits preschoolers and older children. I have a small head for an adult and the hat fits me too, but very snugly. 

(My adorable model is 3-years-old, about  as big as a large 4-year-old or small 5-year-old.)

kids' apron review preschooler baking

Our Consensus

Overall, at under $14 (available on Amazon), this kids’ apron set is a great product for the price It’s something I would definitely purchase both for my own family, and to give as gifts. Dapper and Doll even offers a discount if you purchase more than one set at the same time. These would make great Easter basket gifts, along with a few cooking utensils or ingredients for a favorite treat or meal. 

I’m planning to order more now, so that my big kids can all have their own. We just have to decide if they want stripes (my personal favorite) or solids (which are great for embroidering or letting the kids decorate).

Do your kids have their own aprons?
Are they handmade or from a shop?
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