Themeville Math

Themeville Math

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

ThemeVille Math is a no-frills math curriculum available in Levels 1-5. They offer sample pages and a placement test to help you determine what level worktext your student will need. Manipulatives are available as a separate purchase, but are not a requirement to use the program. ThemeVille Math is Common Core aligned, but I haven’t found any crazy problems that seem to be the biggest issue parents have with Common Core math – it looks like this just means the books cover the standard concepts required, in the order Common Core requires.

For this review, our family received a copy of the Level 2 Worktext and Solutions Manual from ThemeVille Math. The text includes 120 lessons and 10 tests, and it comes bound but also hole-punched, so you can add it to a binder if you’d prefer. The Solutions Manual is just that – a book of solutions to the problems. It does not include any teacher notes or scripts for teaching the lessons. There are teacher notes in the daily assignments, but not a lesson or pre-written explanation. 

ThemeVille math review no-frills math curriculum

Each of the 120 “lessons” includes a Pre-Lesson page (front and back), with a mixture of review problems, and then a Lesson page (front and back) of a new concept.

Some of the concepts in Level 2:

  • Skip counting by 2 and 3
  • Skip counting by 4 and 5
  • Skip counting by 6 and 7
  • Skip counting by 8 and 9
  • Clock reading
  • Data Analysis
  • Perimeter
  • Multiplication with bar diagrams
  • Four operations
  • Rounding 0-1000
  • Comparisons

ThemeVille math no-frills math curriculum

ThemeVille Math is seems to promote “mental math” – where kids can work through problems in their heads, rather than on paper. However, if they’re not seeing the patterns to help them make that jump, you would need to explain them to your child, since there’s not a lesson for the student to read, or for the teacher to read to them.

There are videos available online if you need extra help. For our family, this would be an extra resource for me, as the parent, if I needed help figuring out another way to explain the concept to my students, because Dr. Patil has a thick accent my children struggled to understand. It’s a simple math curriculum though, as far as ease of use, and I don’t think we would even need the videos.

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