Bible Unearthed

Bible Unearthed

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

Are you familiar with Drive Thru History® Adventures? I’m well-acquainted with the name, but I hadn’t ever used it till this review opportunity came up. Our family received early access to Bible Unearthed, and I can honestly say that we all loved it.

Bible Unearthed is a 12-part series that discusses archaeology and how it impacts our understanding of places and events from the Bible. Drive Thru History host, Dave Stotts introduces his friend, archaeologist Titus Kennedy, PhD., who helps lead these lessons. 

Each section of the course includes a video (approximately 15 minute long), plus study materials, activity suggestions, Bible reading, and more. Dr. Kennedy does a large chunk of the video presentation, as if he’s teaching Dave Stotts, the host of Drive Thru History® Adventures, and Randall Niles, the writer. The video goes back and forth between what my kids call an “archaeology lair,” and Dr. Kennedy showing us historical sites and digs. Each video is packed with information, but they’re fast-paced. 

  1. What is Archaeology?
  2. The Impact of Archeology
  3. Locating Archaeological Sites
  4. The Life of an Archaeologist
  5. What’s Being Discovered Today?
  6. Archaeological Mysteries
  7. Top Discoveries in Bible Archaeology
  8. Getting Involved with Archaeology
  9. Trends in Archaeology
  10. Weird Archaeology
  11. Accidental Discoveries in Archaeology
  12. What’s Left to be Discovered?

Drive Thru History Adventures: Bible Unearthed archaeology lessons

The “archaeology lair,” where much of the videos are set:

homeschool archaeology Bible Unearthed Drive Thru History Adventures

My two oldest (ages 7 and 8) watched the videos with me and loved them. They kept begging to keep going to the next one. I enjoyed them too, and plan to re-watch the videos and tackle the curriculum. I’ll probably modify some parts of the course materials and invite the boys to join me. 

Here are some samples pulled from various lessons throughout the program:

Drive Thru History Adventures homeschool archaeology

We were one of more than 80 families who received early access to Bible Unearthed through the Homeschool Review Crew. Click on the banner below to see what the other review families think of this program!

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