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There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all math program, but CTCMath comes pretty close. We’ve been using this homeschool math curriculum since February and are still enjoying it, here at the end of July.

CTCMath is a full math curriculum, covering everything from simple shapes and basic addition, all the way up through trigonometry and calculus. With the 12-Month Family Plan, everyone in your household can have their own account, regardless of where they are in their math journey. 

Each grade level is broken into sections, with multiple lessons within those. In this screenshot you can see that my student has completed 1 of 2 lessons on Angles, under the Space & Geometry, for 2nd Grade.

Each lesson contains a short video, then a series of questions about the topic. If you feel your student needs to study the material more, there is an option to download a .pdf summary of the lesson, or the video can be viewed as many times as needed. 

Once a student has a completed a section, they will receive a certificate, based on their final score, which you can print, or just ooh and ahh over the virtual version. They will remain in your students’ accounts, and can be printed at any time. You will also receive a copy via e-mail. My kids think these are cool, and like to challenge themselves to reach a platinum certificate.

CTCMath homeschool student math program

Every week the parent receives an e-mail with an activity log and performance summary for each student. You can also log in to the parent account at any time and view your children’s activity. It will show you what lessons they viewed, and what scores they received, all dated and timestamped. 

From the parent portal you can assign lessons, change the percentage needed for passing a lesson, print a checklist of topics for each grade, and more.

CTCMath homeschool math program

CTCMath 2nd grade checklist

It wouldn’t be a complete review of CTCMath if I didn’t mention the drills. These are my kids’ favorite part of the whole program. There are basic speed skills, starting with simple addition and subtraction, then leveling up into more difficult problems, and adding into multiplication, division, and order of operations. And there is also a times tables game for drilling multiplication facts.

CTCMath multiplication drills

My one big complaint would be that this math program was created in Australia, so it uses the metric system and very occasionally references something foreign to my kids. For instance, they had no idea what “the length of a cricket pitch” meant. However, those references are few and far between.

For more thoughts on this homeschool math curriculum, you can read my previous review of CTCMath, and check out the Review Crew post below to read what more than 4 dozen other families think of it.

CTCMath has a free trial and, just in case it doesn’t work for your family, they also offer a 12-month money-back guarantee!

From Kindy to Calculus CTCMath 12-month Family membership {CTCMath Reviews}

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