CTCMath {review + giveaway}

CTCMath {review + giveaway}

I never imagined we’d be using an online math program this early in my children’s lives. My oldest is only 7.5 and we are unschoolers, so finding a good math curriculum wasn’t something I’ve ever stressed over – it wasn’t even on my radar! But wouldn’t you know, my boys love math. Really and truly love it. So my arts-loving self has been seeking out extra ways to give my kids the math challenge they crave. Enter CTCMath.

I was sponsored by CTCMath to review their comprehensive online math curriculum program and I’m excited to share my experience as well as an awesome giveaway!  All opinions are mine alone, or those of my kids. For more information please read my full disclosure.

elementary student at desk math program on computer
(Yes, I realize the irony of my blog title emblazoned across my desk.
But you can use CTCMath on a tablet instead and take it outside or in the car!)

Math Curriculum – for Unschoolers?

Yep! One of the great things about this program is that you can so easily adapt it to your own family’s needs. For someone who wants a strict routine, you can assign one lesson per day, in order, and even add in diagnostic tests that are due at specific times.

For families who handle academics from an unschooling standpoint, you can let your kids jump around wherever they want. Interested in fractions this week but want to skip geometry for now? No problem! Want a refresher on statistics and chance? Jump to those lessons. Is your student interested in working solely on division for a while? He can work through the division problems in as many grade levels as he’d like.

There is a suggested order of lessons, but no requirement to complete them in that order. Although I wouldn’t recommend skipping basic subtraction skills to try out subtraction problems up to seven digits, I like the option to jump up (or down) a grade to focus on one skill at a time. This allows a student to dive deeper into a particular math concept, without having to disrupt their mental space to complete a lesson in something seemingly unrelated or irrelevant, giving them more of an option to truly master the concept before moving on to something new.

A Few More Features
  • lessons for all grades K-12
  • weekly reports via e-mail
  • ability to change pass grade for each student’s lessons
  • option to print certificates
  • printable worksheets
  • multiplication drills game
  • confetti when students achieve a passing grade (my kids love this)

CTCMath passing grade congratulations confetti
As you can tell, the program has lots of lessons and great features. Tests and reports are available for those who want them, as well as fun things like printable certificates.

My boys enjoy the lesson videos and questions, but their favorite section by far is definitely the speed skills. Here’s what they love about CTCMath in their own words:

I love the speed skills. Those are my favorite.
-Callan, age 7

It’s a program that has speed skills that times us to see how fast we can do addition problems. I want to beat my daddy’s score.
-Charlie, age 6

Math for Homeschooling Families

One of my favorite features of this math program is that CTCMath offers a homeschool-friendly, family membership for an unlimited number of students. (And who says the students have to be kids? My husband and I have our own accounts for refreshers and speed drills.) They do also have individual plans if you only need the curriculum for one student, but not being nickled and dimed for multiple kids is a huge plus in my book!

CTCMath offers a special 50% discount for homeschoolers! No code necessary.

You can also grab a FREE CTCMath trial to see if it’s a good fit for your kids.

Plus, you can enter to win a family membership through the Rafflecopter form below!

CTCmath Family Membership Giveaway ($148 value)!

Enter to win a 12-month subscription for the whole family!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Looking for more information on CTCMath? Here’s some info for homeschool parents, plus a link to their YouTube channel.

If you’ve used this math program, I’d love to hear your experience.

CTCMath math program - an unschooler's perspective. Enter to win a year's membership to CTCMath.

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