Unschooling Illustrated

Unschooling Illustrated

As I type this, I have around 50 small snail shells sitting on my desk, courtesy of an impromptu adventure with my boys last week. When I was telling one of my sisters about that particular experience, she suggested I write it up here, and the idea for “Unschooling Illustrated” posts was born. I know so many people who want to test the waters of unschooling, but they’re not completely sure what it looks like. Because our days are never the same, it’s hard to give concrete unschooling examples, but I can share some of our experiences and what my kids (and I!) are learning from them.

It’s not a “requirement” of unschooling to write down every little thing your kids are learning each day, but it can be important to individual families for a variety of reasons – recordkeeping mandated by the state, to reassure a spouse, or even to convince yourself that you’re not letting your kids down! You may choose to simply spot the learning opportunities and tuck them away in your mind, or you may want to write them down in a journal, sort of a “reverse homeschool planner” of sorts.

Hopefully seeing someone else’s examples of organic learning in everyday moments will help you to better recognize those moments in yours.

Oh, and that snail tale will be the first example I share, so be sure to check back later this week!


Do you have an Unschooling Illustrated moment that you’d like to share with us? Send me a message – I’d love to feature unschooling examples from more families!

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