Atlantic Puffins | Kids Write

Atlantic Puffins | Kids Write

They can dive really, really deep. They can hold lots and lots of fish in their beaks at once. They will stay with the same puffin, and sometimes a dada puffin will be able to sit on the egg. They often return to the same burrow every year.

Some puffins look a little like penguins. The way you can tell them apart is their very beautiful, colorful beak. They can fly 55 miles per hour, but they spend most of their life in the sea fishing for their littles.

My favorite thing about puffins is their beautiful colorful beaks and how cute they are when they’re little because they’re the cutest little balls of feathers. 

Fiona S.
age 7

Atlantic Puffins

Dive In!

Do you want to learn more about Atlantic Puffins? These resources will help you explore the world of these seabirds.

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