Sea Turtles | Kids Write

Sea Turtles | Kids Write

There are 7 types of sea turtles. They all eat jellyfish, some eat crabs and shrimp and seaweed.  Some are vulnerable, some are endangered, some are critically endangered. Hundreds and hundreds get killed by fishing gear every year.

The mom lays their eggs on the sand then goes back to the water, then the babies they hatch at night, but on a rare occasion they hatch in the day. They go into the water. We must turn our lights off if we live at the beach, or they will be distracted by the house lights and head toward them instead of the ocean, because their instincts tell them to follow the moon.

How can we help the sea turtles? Start by not throwing trash into the ocean. When you catch sea turtles by accident when you’re fishing let them go. If you happen to find a hurt sea turtle, call someone to help the sea turtle. Don’t leave trash on the beach, pick up all your belongings when you leave the beach.

Callan M.
age 8

About the Author: I like to write and draw and ride my bike. I like to go to beach. This is my first essay. 

swimming sea turtle in the ocean

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  1. What a great essay! I learned so much. Can’t wait to share some of this fascinating information about sea turtles with my littles!

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