Dolphins | Kids Write

Dolphins | Kids Write

There are 40-ish *species of these beautiful and graceful *marine mammals including orcas and *mariposas. Although some may think orcas (killer whales) are whales, but they’re really dolphins. Dolphins are good nappers, and communicate through clicks and whistles. Each one has a unique whistle that serves as their name.

Since they are mammals they give birth to babies, (and don’t lay eggs) and need to breathe air. But how do they get that air? They jump.

Now, would you like to learn the names of many dolphin species? Well, here are 32:

1. Hectors
2. Black
3. Heaviside
4. Bottlenose
5. Common
6. Southern Right Whale
7. Northern White Whale
8. Atlantic Spotted
9. Striped
10. Spinner
11. Comersons
12. Spotted
13. White Beaked
14. Clymene
15. Dusky
16. Atlantic White Side
17. Hourglass
18. Frasers
19. Peales
20. Pacific White Sided
21. Rissos
22. Rough Toothed
23. Irrawaddy
24. Melon Headed
25. Pygmy Killer Whale
26. Tucuxi
27. Indo-Pac Humpback
28. Atlantic Humpback
29. Long Finned Pilot
30. Short Finned Pilot
31. False Killer whale
32. Killer Whale


Species – types
Marine – ocean or sea
Mariposa – a type (or species) of dolphin

by Livia R.
age 9

About the Author: I’m Livia and I’m nine. I like botany. I’ve never, ever written an essay before. I’ve never moved.

dolphin in Hawaii photo by Mark Leephoto © Mark Lee

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