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Did you know that the oceans are younger than you might think? About ⅔ of the earth is covered in ocean water today. The water can reach depths of an estimated 35,000 feet below sea level. That is enough water to cover our earth, if it was perfectly smooth, by over a mile! There is also evidence that shows that the ocean’s waters were once much warmer than today’s waters, since scientists have run models and have done studies of the sea floor sediment. That points to a possibility for a Global Flood, which the Bible talks about. 

In the evolutionary timeline, about 65 million years ago, the oceans are estimated to have been around 100°F. That means that the oceans only cooled at about 1.5°F every million years. But, if the oceans were at 100°F about 4,000-5,000 years ago (due to volcanic activity during the flood, which happened during this time period), the oceans would have cooled at about 8°F per thousand years. Due to computer models, many leading creation scientists suggest that most of the cooling happened immediately after the flood, prompting an ice age that lasted a few hundred years.

Who knew that the oceans were so young?

by Sara E.
age 14

Dive In!

Are you fascinated by the idea that the oceans (and the earth) may only be thousands of years old, instead of millions? Check out these resources for more Scriptural insights and scientific research. These links lead to websites, not specific articles, so you can do your own searches once you’re there. 

I don’t agree 100% with everything presented on each of these sites, but I think they have enough information to dig into that they’re valuable.


This essay is one of several in our Kids Write – World Oceans series. Check out another composition or two and leave an encouraging comment for our young writers.

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