Bioluminescent Sea Creatures

Bioluminescent Sea Creatures

Bioluminescence means animals and plants making light naturally. A bioluminescent sea creature is an ocean animal that glows naturally. They usually live in the midnight zone.

There’s the angler fish that uses his glowing antenna as a fishing pole. The angler fish uses its fishing pole to attract little sea creatures because they think it’s plankton. And he pulls it closer and closer and then CHOMP! he eats them.

Dragonfish have lights all down their sides and lights right under their eyes. If they want to go into spy mode, they turn off all the lights, except the ones under their eyes, so they can see the fish and the fish can’t see them. And they use a glowing fishing pole to attract smaller creatures that think it’s plankton. The fishing pole is on their chin.

There are lots more bioluminescent creatures. Jellyfish. Siphonophores. And different kinds of fish.

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